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Iggy Azalea Ready To Sign “Bang Bros” P0rn Contract After Declaring Herself “Unsigned”



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Will Iggy Azalea Sign With Bang Bros 

Within hours of declaring herself an unsigned artist, Iggy Azalea was met with plenty of solicitations, some of which had little to do with her predilection to “rapping.” See : Iggy Azalea Slammed For Excessively Showing Off Her Body

Yesterday morning, the p0rn production company formally known as Bang Brosreached out to Iggy via Twitter.

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 Their message was simple: “You should sign with US! AssParade would never be the same.” It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what kind of content the “AssParade” channel is providing its subscribers. 

But nevertheless, the Aussie-born rapper seems intent on trying things anew, free of the constraints that seemingly held her back at Universal.

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