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World’s Oldest Billionaire, 100, Reveals He Still Goes To The Office Every Day.



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Ain’t that weird 

According to the 100-year-old billionaire, who is ranked 1,284th on the Forbes list of world’s richest people, he conducts rigorous meetings with the heads of each department on his visits.
‘I cannot stay at home,’ said the self-made billionaire told CNBC. ‘(I’d get) very, very bored.’

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‘Every day, I write down all my activities in my diary, everything,’ said Chang. ‘Every department comes to see me.’
Chang, now worth $1.9billion, set up PIL in Singapore in the 1960s after buying two second hand container ships.
But the veteran entrepreneur claims there is a very simple secret to his success.
‘I never lose my temper,’ he said. ‘(I) cannot. When you lose your temper, you just cannot control yourself.’
Chang’s son, Teo Siong Seng, the company’s new director, says he also has daily meetings with his father who still likes to keep an eye on him.

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