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Meek Mill Allegedly Waiting For Nicki Minaj To Dump Kenneth Petty



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Could Meek Mill Still Want Nicki Minaj Back? 

Meek Mill may appear to be enjoying the single life, but according to sources close to the Philly rapper, he is waiting for Nicki Minaj to drop her current bae, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty so that he can slide into her dm’s.

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“Meek is shocked that Nicki is still with Kenneth because he thinks she deserves better than guys from her neighborhood like Kenneth. Meek feels Nicki is going through a phase with this guy from her past,” a source told Hollywood Life.
The source added:
“Meek is waiting for her to come to her senses and snap out of it. Meek feels Nicki should be with someone more successful, powerful and on her same level, like him.”
We don’t know whether Meek should hold his breath on this one. Nicki and Zoo have already withstood quite a lot of backlash and show no signs of breaking up. He has a huge tattoo of her name on his body and is currently touring with her.

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“Despite their rocky past, Meek doesn’t feel like things are over between him and Nicki. He is watching from a distance, waiting for her to wake up and break up with this guy that Meek feels will never earn the right to be Nicki’s husband,” the source continued.

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