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Birdman Addresses Rick Ross Beef “I Mind My Own f*king Business”



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Birdman Insinuates Rick Ross Should Have Mind His Business 

Birdman and Rick Ross may have called a truce, yet despite everything he has solid sentiments about Ross interposing in his quarrel with Lil Wayne

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The quiet Birdman’s vitality obviously moved and it is obvious to all watching that all isn’t great with Ross, who put out a few disses went for the Cash Money manager.
“I just came up, I mind my own motherf*cking business. I don’t get in no other n*gga business So, when another n*gga in another n*ga business, to me, that’s a violation. That’s how I come up, simple. I ain’t ever been no man to speak down on no man in this music business, never did.”

“That ain’t my thing ’cause I know how hard this sh*t is. I ain’t here to downplay a n*gga, I wanna see a n*gga come up, period. So, as far as me ever speaking down on a n*gga, I don’t ever do it. 
Now if a n*gga disrespect me, it’s f*ck him. F**k him or b*tch, we can kill, shoot, whatever you wanna do. But, as far as me speaking down on a n*gga in this game, that ain’t my M.O. ’cause I do my thing,” he continued.

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Birdman also addressed the Cash Money beef with No Limit Records, Drake’s status on Cash Money as well as the iconic walkout on The Breakfast Club.
Watch the video below :


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