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Rihanna Allegedly Kissed A Lady At A Party – Cheating On Billionaire Bf?



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Could Rihanna Be Cheating On Her Saudi Arabian Billionaire Boyfriend 

A British newspaper guarantees that they got Rihanna undermining her Saudi extremely rich person beau. Furthermore, the newspaper asserts that Rihanna was discovered crawling with a lady!! 

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The supposed episode flew off at the restrictive London’s problem area Chiltern Fire­house. The Sun guarantees that Rihanna was there celebrating with companions – and her beau Saudi very rich person Hassan Jameel was not with her. 
The magazine recounted to an anecdote about how an inconsiderate partygoer stole nourishment from Rihanna’s table – and must be compelled to pay to supplant their shellfish. This is what they announced: 
“Rihanna went full scale requesting platters and platters of clams for her company. 
“One chap, who was flushed, astonished to her table and squeezed one, supposing it would be humorous. “He ignored it to one of his mates, who was neglectful it originated from Rihanna’s table. “In the wake of bringing down it they continued drinking just to be given a heavy reprimanding from one of Rihanna’s company, who requested they pay £250 for a crisp platter since he had demolished theirs.”The chap who ate the clam had no real option except to get his charge card out. 
In any case, at that point the report swung to Rihanna and her female “companion”. The mag at that point composed: 

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Rihanna — who sang about whips and chains in her 2010 hit S&M — unmistakably wasn’t excessively troubled by the Rude Boy’s conduct as she kissed a female in the party later.

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