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Kanye West Replies J Cole On A Leaked Verse With Pusha T



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Kanye West Has Some Words For J Cole On A Deleted Verse With Pusha T

Kanye West and J Cole has a subliminal beef which seems not to be too clear. Cole is believed to have thrown subtle shot at Kanye West on his son ‘Middle Child’ where he said “It won’t be to sell you my latest lil’ sneakers”
He was also believed to be referring to Kanye West on his song ‘False Prophets’ which featured a few shots at Kanye West within the opening verse. Ever the pacifist, Yeezy neglected to respond on wax – at least not in an officially documented capacity.

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Listen to ‘False Prophets’ below :

Today, a snippet of Pusha T’s Daytona track “What Would Meek Do?” has surfaced, bringing a new glimpse at a previously unreleased Kanye West verse. In the brief clip, Kanye can be heard directly addressing J. Cole and “that song,” a likely allusion to the aforementioned “False Prophets.” “You heard Cole on that song He was tryna hate,” raps Ye, before the verse cuts off, leaving us unsure as to which direction he intended to take.


It’s entirely possible that Pusha’s mere presence stoked his combative spirit; lest we forget, Daytona served to herald the arrival of the notorious Drake beef. Yet it’s equally possible that Yeezy might have brushed Cole’s words off in the subsequent line, staying true to his pacifistic tendencies.

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See the lyrics below :
I am the Don of Vuitton
I am the Sean of Sean John
That’s the boss, n***a
[indecipherable placeholder words]
I’m too complex for ComplexCon
You heard Cole on that song He was tryna hate


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