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Drake Disses Pusha T On ‘Omerta’ – See The Lyrics



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Drake Shades Pusha T On New Song 

Drake recently released two new songs ‘Omerta’ and Money in the grave’ ft Rick Ross. The two songs have been making waves already and “Omerta” is especially rousing, in the eyes of many. 

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The social media mavens have taken to Twitter in voicing their opinion that Drake is indeed taking aim at Pusha-T in the first half of the song’s longwinded verse – the bolded lines in particular.
“A lot of pain, a lot of passion
A lot of relaxin’ while other niggas is overreactin’
That’s how we continue down the path of Jordan and Jackson
That’s some insight for y’all even if no one’s askin’
Last year, n****s really feel like they rode on me
Last year, n****s got hot ’cause they told on me
I’m ’bout to call the bluff of anybody that fold on me
I’m buyin’ the buildin’ of every door that closed on me.” – Drake on “Omerta”
The above lines in question touch on the adversity Drake endured after Pusha-T outed his reclusive love child with a French model/painter named Sophie Brussaux. So far, the response over Drake’s subliminal is varied between “too little, too late” to a chorus of cheers from the section of his fanbase, intent on seeing a rebirth to their feud. 
“Drake still taking shots a year later makes me believe even more that everything Pusha T said was true. You hate to see it,” one Tweeter mentioned to the latter point. On the opposite end of the spectrum, another commenter actually went through the trouble of counting the days since Pusha-T’s “Story of Adidon” came to light. What do you make of the subtle inference in “Omerta.”

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See reactions below :


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