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Machine Gun Kelly Performs Eminem Diss Track At Em’s Hometown



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Fans Were Happy As They Sing Along To Eminem Diss Track At Detroit 

Despite the beef no longer being as ferocious as last year, there is clearly still some animosity on Machine Gun Kelly‘s side. He continues to perform “Rap Devil” on a regular basis and this weekend, he even took it to Em’s hometown of Detroit. Surprisingly, the crowd was into it.

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Eminem has a worldwide following and, as evidenced by Sada Baby’s opinion a few weeks ago, his influence extends past Detroit. Rarely will you hear people bumping his raps in the street.


He’s surely got a supportive fanbase in Michigan but those people were not in attendance at the Machine Gun Kelly show because the audience got pretty loud for “Rap Devil.” Kellz shared footage from the tour opener, including when he got thousands of folks to scream “the real Slim Shady can’t stand up” in Detroit.

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MGK has been thriving since his feud with Eminem. Watch the video of his performance below :


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