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NBA Youngboy & Babymama Roughed By Cops During Hotel Arrest – Watch



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Cops Pulled Taser On NBA Youngboy During Hotel Arrest 

Back in February, NBA Youngboy and his baby mama had a squabble with some housemaids at an Atlanta hotel which brought about NBA getting captured. Obviously the Louisiana rapper and his baby mama, Starr Thigpen, were hanging out in a hotel room that should be vacant.

When housekeeping went into the room, NBA Youngboy advised his girl to show them out, yet rather she wound up taking things somewhat further.

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Thigpen supposedly assaulted the house keepers, smacking one in the face, and accordingly the police were called. NBA Youngboy was then arrested for having an ounce of maryjane, “use of fighting words,” and physical obstruction with another.


Well quick forward to today, and footage from the police body cam has surfaced on the web, and it demonstrates the police getting superfluously unpleasant with the Baton Rouge rapper and his baby mama. Footage indicates NBA and Thigpen plainly upset, and things heighten from that point when police haul out their tasers and won’t enable them to see their baby.

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Actually, one cop had Youngboy stuck against the divider while another had his taser gone for Youngboy’s crotch, taking steps to shoot him in the privates in the event that he didn’t quiet down. Fortunately, cooler heads in the long run won and examiners didn’t indict him on the misdemeanor charges.

Watch the video below :


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