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YNW Melly Murder Victim Family Supports Death Sentence



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Family Of Melly’s Victim Wants Him Sentenced To Death 

YNW Melly accused of shooting and killing his former friends and riding around the city with their dead bodies in the trunk. The latter is believed to have been staged as a random drive-by shooting by YNW Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons.

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Since the accusations have been put forward, YNW Melly turned himself in and is facing capital charges. Although the artist recently requested to be released from jail on bail, we are unable to determine whether or not that will be a viable option.
The state of Florida is known for inflicting the death penalty for capital charges. Hence, YNW Melly’s life is currently highly at risk. Now, new reports by TMZ indicate the alleged victim’s families have spoken on the ordeal.
Anthony William’s family stated that if the death penalty is sought for Melly that they would “100% fully support it.” The response only emphasizes how tragic this case is, that is especially considering how close Demons was with Williams and his family.

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The rapper even has the name “Jana” tattooed on his neck to honor Williams’ mother.

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