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Yo Gotti’s Pant Catches Fire On Stage – Watch



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Yo Gotti Handled Fire In The Pant Like A Pro

On Friday, June 28, the Memphis rapper had his annual Birthday Bash concert for the seventh year in his hometown. The show ended up giving fans a little extra something to gawk at, as the rapper’s pants wildly caught fire mid-performance.

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In a video from the performance, Gotti can be seen onstage giving the crowd an electrifying rendition of his hit single “Rake It Up.” As Gotti puts his foot atop a speaker, a blast of flames insanely catches the rapper on his leg.
He continues his performance, twirling around before noticing the fire on his pants. Instead of completely freaking out (as most of us would’ve probably done) or stopping, dropping and rolling, however, Gotti kept his cool and continued to perform.
As someone rushes onstage and pats the fire out, Gotti keeps going as if nothing even happened.

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Watch the video below :


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