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A$ap Rocky’s Mom Is Hopeless After Trump’s Failed Call To Swedish Officials



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A$ap Rocky’s Mom Believes Her Son’s Arrest Is Racial Discrimination 

TMZ recently sat down with Rocky’s mom, Renee Black, who spoke out about the incident. Rocky’s mom said that she only spoke to her son but she feels like things are working against her and Rocky right now.

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She admitted that she’s feeling hopeless ever since Trump’s failed call to Swedish officials in an attempt to try and get A$ap Rocky out.

“We thinkin’ that if the president himself got involved, you know, and contacted who he did — if that ain’t help, what will help?” She asked.


There have even been a few other rappers, including G-Eazy, who’ve made it abundantly clear that they believe the color of Rocky’s skin is why he’s being treated the way he is. Rocky’s mom alluded to race playing a factor.

“I feel like Sweden is making an example of our boys and it’s so unjust,” she told the cameraman. “I don’t want to call the race card, ok? But, that’s what it’s looking like,” she continued.

“If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”

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Watch the interview below :

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