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Fans Think Meek Mill’s Son Rihmeek Looks Like Other Rappers



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Fans Say Meek Mill’s Son Looks Like NBA Youngboy, Da Baby & Tyler The Creator 

Meek Mill who has spent his adult life so far on probation has been granted new trial and now off probation. Meek Mill had earlier revealed that his parole restricts him from picking his son from school.
It’s a new dawn for the Philadelphia rapper, he’s a free man again as there is high probability that prosecutors will not proceed on the case.

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Meek Mill has been having good time with his family lately, He clearly has deep love for his son Rihmeek whom he had not really spent enough time with.
“I just pray Papi forgive me, ain’t seen my son a while (I pray)

I go and pick him up from school to see him fucking smile (facts)

Somebody save me, save me” Meek Mill rapped on his hit track ‘Save Me’.

He has enough time for his son now since he’s off probation and recently allowed his son to drop a freestyle on stage at a club in Philadelphia.

Meek then offered his son a quick but stern warning to get his bar game up while shaking his hand.

Meek Mill also shared a lovely photo of his cute son on his instagram page earlier and fans have been reacting to the picture claiming he looks like one rapper or the other.

Some said he looks like NBA Youngboy and Tyler The Creator others think Da Baby. A fan also mentioned that he looks more like his dad.

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See the photo below :

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A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Jul 30, 2019 at 10:28am PDT

And here are some reactions :



Who do you think he looks like.. ? For me, it’s NBA Youngboy

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