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Lauren London Shares Her Big Nipsey Hussle Arm Tattoo



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Lauren London Draws New Arm Tattoo Of Nipsey 

Nipsey Hussle’s death left forever scar in the heart of many among which is his wife ‘Lauren London’. Months after his death, she still feels the space he left behind. 
Lauren London has shared tonnes of tributes to her late husband but it just doesn’t seem enough, she has a daughter and also the youngest child for the late rapper ‘Kross Asghedon’. 

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She tatted her man’s image on her arm not long after his death to carry him around. But we never got a chance to see the clear view of the healed tattoo.
Holding one of her children’s hands, LL took to her Instagram story to share a clear image of her healed tattoo. Placed on the lower portion of her arm, the work takes up a big space on Lauren’s body, sitting in a spot that will be visible much of the time.


That’s how much she loved Nipsey Hussle. The large-scale portrait is incredibly well-done, serving as a constant reminder that Nipsey will always be looking over her and their family.

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Watch the short clip below :

We pray God comfort her .. 

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