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Why Nicki Minaj Should Have Ignored Critics Of Her Relationship



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Nicki Minaj Brought Unnecessary Attention To Her Relationship – Opinion 

Nicki Minaj is undoubtedly one of the greatest rapper the industry ever had. Considering her major impact on Hip Hop, Onika is a ‘phenomenal’.
It’s rare to find female rapper in hot competition with the males before her breakthrough in the industry. She visibly up the game and made even them male rappers buckle up with their bars. 

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Nicki Minaj has a long reign in the industry, it could be considered as the longest career so far as female emcees is concerned. She’s been top of the game for 12 years now before the arrival of new female emcees.
No matter how good she is..  Her long reign is enough for critics to be after her, people don’t throw stones at unripe fruits. She should consider having haters as one of those things that follows success.
Nicki Minaj recently threw jabs at critics of her relationship on Queen Radio and I totally find that uncalled for. See her response below :
“When a person is with a n—a that loved them before they had a dime in their pocket? How do you not understand that? How do you not understand happiness vs clout?” Minaj asked. “How f–king dare you talk about lowering standards.”
“Money cannot buy me happiness and good sex,” which was in relation to the criticism that Petty isn’t on her level of fame. The “Megatron” rapper explained that the two have known each other since she was 15, so for her, fame and fortune doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy.
Responding to some critics only make the criticism appear true, although there are instances where one have to make some things clear to critics but I don’t she should have done that in this case. She only brought more awareness on the bolded fact. “How f–king dare you talk about lowering standards.”

If Nicki believes being in a relationship with Kenneth Petty doesn’t degrade her standards. She shouldn’t care about explaining to the world. Some criticism are allowed to die a natural death. In a matter of time the critics wouldn’t help but love her relationship depending on how it goes.
Nicki Minaj’s explanation on the reasons why she choose to be with him gives non haters an opportunity to look into Kenneth Petty’s fault. A lover of Nicki Minaj tends to keep wondering what really is wrong with her man that makes her so ‘defensive as this’ or maybe the critics are right.

‘He’s an ex convict and probably below her standards’ criticism is enough pressure for Kenneth Petty himself. Her being defensive gives us bloggers more things to write about her relationship.

If you want haters off your relationship as a celebrity, you rather keep it on a low (maybe secretive) or keep robbing it on them faces till they run out of hate. You don’t gotta respond to them. Responding makes them think they getting at you which is the main reason why most haters criticize. They want you to feel bad and in the process rob you of your joy.
I hope Nicki Minaj will look at better ways to deal with critics of her relationship.

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And the good news is “Nicki Minaj is pregnant” Yikes ! She revealed that on a track off Chance The Rapper’s album ‘The Big Day’. 
‘Bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy’ Nicki rapped on ‘Zanies & Fools’. 

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