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50 Cent Insists Bow Wow Is Banned From His Tycoon Pool Party



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50 Cent “For Now, He’s On Probation For F*cking With The Money Man”

50 Cent has been promoting his upcoming Tycoon Pool Party for a while now on social media and you must have also come across the party’s advert online showing how much promo the pool party is getting.
Fiddy is about to shut down New York City today with the event that has been trending all over the internet. 

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It’s already been said to be the the hottest pool party of the season. Tons of prominent people will be there including 50 Cent, Trey Songz, the cast of the TV show Power, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap and more.
But unfortunately, rapper Bow Wow won’t be present at the party after 50 Cent placed a ban on him for stealing money that was meant for strippers during a night out in the club some weeks ago.
50 Cent later mocked him for messing up his career. Fiddy said Bow Wow could have been a tycoon if he didn’t act crazy.
Initially, it appears as if Fiddy was bluffing about the ban. But yesterday, Bow Wow’s friend Trey Songz went on 50s page to make sure that 50 was serious about his pal being banned. And 50 confirmed that the pint sized actor is really banned from the pool party.
Fiddy replied “I told you not to bring him, no matter what he say to get you to bring him”
“He can be cool later, but for now he’s on probation for f* cking with the money man” 50 cent added.
Trey Songz then queried “But the nigga was with you, why am I involved in this sh*t”
Bow Wow later chimed into the discussion acting not bothered about the ban but gave words of advice to his friend Trey Songz.
“Don’t drink sh*t at tycoon party.” then he joked that his absence will have adverse effect on the party.
“If I can’t be there, no one can have fun” lol.. 

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See the hilarious conversation below :


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