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Cardi B’s Bodyguard Arrested With Lots Of Crack Cocaine



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Cardi B’s ‘Muscle’ Man Arrested By The Police 

A man from Cardi B’s security team is currently in jail following an arrest after being caught with huge amount of crack cocaine.
The cops arrested Jeffrey Bush last night in Brooklyn after an investigation and he was denied bail because of Cardi B.

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Jeffrey Bush was taken into custody on Thursday for selling more than $12,000 worth of crack. Federal agents stormed Jeffrey’s home and discovered a bag “believed to be crack,” pills, weed, a scale and nearly $15,000 in cash.
“Based on the defendant’s profit from just the crack sales … as well as the celebrity connection with [Cardi B], he has myriad means at his disposal to enable his flight,” according to reports. 
The feds say Bush is a member of the 5-9 Brims Bloods and during their investigation, they witnessed him sell over 280 grams of crack. 
Jeffrey allegedly brought his kid along to one of his drug deals, according to police.
Prosecutors say that Jeffrey was also with Cardi and her entourage at the Angels Strip Club when they allegedly assaulted two female bartenders. Cardi believed one of the women had slept with her husband, Offset.
Jeffery Bush will be locked up until at least September 9, when he will go in front of a judge again after he pleaded not guilty to a slew of felony drug charges which could send him to jail for life.

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We’ll keep you posted on the news as it develops.