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Trippie Redd Removes Playboi Carti’s Song From ‘!’ Album – Fans React



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Fans Drag Trippie Redd For Removing Playboi Carti’s Song From His ‘!’ Album 

Rapper Trippie Redd is undoubtedly one of the most versatile emcees at the moment. He’s been praised several times for his rap skills and versatility.
The Ohio rapper dropped his long anticipated album ‘!’ not quite long and it hasn’t really been accepted by fans.

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Although, the ‘!’ is nice and cool with some fans but others seem dissapointed in Trippie Redd’s new project as they’ve called him out for dishing out a trashy album.
Fans have been reacting to the ‘!’ album lately and it’s going viral that the only interesting track off the album is the one that has Playboi Carti on it ‘They Afraid Of You’.
Surprisingly, the track disappeared from the album after fans insisted that it’s the only good song off the album. We’ve not confirmed how true this is, but fans are saying it’s no longer on streaming platforms and are accusing Redd of intentionally removing it.

The song, which sat near the front of the tracklist, is nowhere to be found on Apple Music or TIDAL and although fans are assuming the worst, there could simply have been an error in the distribution of the song. Or probably there were issues clearing a sample.
To worsen the matter, the song was also taken down from his official page on YouTube which now strengthens the accusation that he took it down himself. 

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See some fans reactions below :

The track remains on SoundCloud for the time being. Could Trippie Redd have deliberately removed Playboi Carti’s song from his ‘!’ album..?

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