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DJ Akademiks Says He’s “Dealing With Nicki Minaj & Her Killer Goons”



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DJ Akademiks Continues To Troll Nicki Minaj 

DJ Akademiks and Nicki Minaj’s beef isn’t coming to an end soon. AK started off by exposing threats messages Nicki Minaj sent to him. He claims she’ll be responsible if anything happens to him.
Akademiks continued the escapade on the ‘Everyday Struggle’ show where he read out more of the text messages.

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“The Nicki Minaj we see that’s nice and charming is a fraud,” he says. “Nicki right now thinks she’s the next coming of some tough wild gangsta chick. That’s how she approached me in the DMS.” 
He read another of her messages, in which Nicki Minaj accuses him of fondling some Tekashi booty and being sexist in his critiques. Ak stood up to her, claiming anybody can get it where he’s concerned.


In a new video shared on his popular instagram page, he said he stopped by the Complex offices and told them that Nicki, her goons, and her fans are after him, and instead of arming him with security, all Complex gave was a pair of shoes.
Akademiks says he’s not worried about anything that Nicki or her fans have to say, and he’s definitely not fearing for his safety.

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Watch the video below :

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