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Jennifer Lopez & Shakira To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show



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Fans React To Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Scheduled Performance For Super Bowl Halftime Show 

The NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show often gain more viewers than the match as a result of the artists scheduled to perform.
Last year, the NFL enlisted top acts like Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi for the halftime show and it was widely applauded. 

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It’s just 3 weeks so far in the NFL season and obviously the Super Bowl is still months away. In February of 2020, the Super Bowl will be held in Miami.


Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been scheduled to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that there will be other performers included in the show but they will be announced later on.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are undeniably one of the biggest acts the industry will ever have and we’re expecting some sort of shut down by the iconic singers at the show.
Fans have been reacting to the news with some questioning why the NFL is taking them back in time by inviting old school artists and some on the other hand have been expressing their profound joy to have the two great artists storm the stage again.

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See some reactions below :

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