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Paris Jackson Responds To 50 Cent Comparing Chris Brown With Michael Jackson



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Paris Jackson Defends Her Dad After 50 Cent Compared Him With Chrs Brown

50 Cent has been making headlines in the past days over his comparison between Chris Brown and Michael Jackson. Fiddy is insinuating that Chris Brown has surpassed Michael Jackson.
In his previous posts that has been deleted, 50 Cent clearly thinks Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson.

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Fiddy made reference to the allegations levelled against Michael Jackson in one of his claims “all I said was I think CB is better then MJ now. after I saw the documentary, The little boys butts will never be the same.”
And yesterday he took to instagram again, he shared a video of Chris Brown flexing his acrobatic skills as he did multiple backflips in a row on stage.
“All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this,” he wrote.

And surprisingly, The King of Pop’s daughter Paris Jackson chimed into the argument. Paris Jackson kept it G when she slid into Fif’s comments and reminding him of the 1993 Super Bowl. Although she made it clear she meant no disrespect towards Chris Brown, she wanted 50 to know that he’s in the wrong.

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“Superbowl 1993. true legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. stillness, my friend. stillness. more power in stillness than you can probably understand,” she wrote. “And i say this with zero shade to chris i love him dearly. this is just for you 50.”

Fiddy is yet to respond to the comments.. Obviously he will and be sure to check back for his reaction.