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Beef Alert! SZA’s Manager Shades Sumner Walker



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SZA Beef with Summer Walker

SZA Manager Shades Summer Walker’s ‘Over It’s Achievement

Summer Walker is undeniably the hottest R&B artist at the moment and it appears there’s a sort of beef going on between the ‘Over It’s singer and SZA.

Summer Walker’s ‘Over It’ made 134k sales first week. She now has the biggest first week debut for a female RnB artist in the past 10 years.

SZA and her team felt kind of threatened as the news of Summer Walker’s ‘Over It’ achievement kept making rounds on the internet.

Sza’s manager Punch who is also the President Of Top Dag Entertainment took to Twitter to try and minimize Summer’s accomplishment, and hit her with some brutal shade.

And just after dropping the shade, singer Sza immediately liked the tweet.  * Shots fired *

See it all below :

SZA Beef with Summer WalkerSZA Beef with Summer Walker


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