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Yung Miami Says She’s Been Letting People Get Her Off Her Frequency



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Yung Miami Responds To Few Fans That Had Something Negative To Say
Yung Miami Responds To Few Fans That Had Something Negative To Say

Yung Miami has been embroiled in controversy since she was named in Lil Rod’s scathing lawsuit against Diddy. However, the City Girls’ rapper recently took time out to check a few fans that had something negative to say on her live.

“We don’t want to hear no more music from you,” Caresha reads out a comment on her live. “So if you don’t want to hear no more music from me then why you on my page,” she responded.

“You had to really come to my page, come to my live, write the comment, that’s a lie,” she continued. “We’re not doing to do that, see I be letting y’all get me off of my frequency.”

“It’s Friday, like I woke up.. I’m feeling good. You woke up being a hater, so I can’t relate. Like we don’t got no correlation. Like we don’t got nothing to connect, so I don’t even think you should even need to be on my page. You should really go ahead and unfollow me. Because we don’t have nothing in common at all.”

“Like you woke up being a hating motherf*cking b*tch, I woke up feeling blessed.” “We don’t love you anymore,” Caresha reads out another negative comment. “Aww that really hurts,” she said before she started reading out the positive comments as recommended by a fan.

Couple weeks back, Yung Miami was caught on her Finsta “a fake Instagram account” chilling with Diddy amid his legal woes.

She allegedly shared a photo of herself resting on him while they were chilling at the penthouse balcony. “Bobby & Whitney,” she wrote on the picture, donning her and him the new Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

Last month, Yung Miami made controversial headlines after she was accused of transporting “pink cocaine,” known on the streets as “tuci,” for Diddy and also being an alleged s*x worker for the rapper and business mogul, in an amended lawsuit filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.