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DajshaDoll Drops Yung Miami Diss Track “Caresha Please”



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Rapper Who Accused Yung Miami Of Copying Her Bars, DajshaDoll, Drops New “Caresha Please” Diss Track
Rapper Who Accused Yung Miami Of Copying Her Bars, DajshaDoll, Drops New “Caresha Please” Diss Track

DajshaDoll is not letting up! The up and coming rapper that called out Yung Miami for stealing her lyrics in her song “CFWM”, is back again, this time with full force, looking to choke out Caresha with them bars.

DajshaDoll has now dropped a Yung Miami diss track titled “Caresha Please” and everything about it is chaotic. The track’s artwork references Yung Miami’s alleged ‘golden showers’ with Diddy.

“Caresha please stop capping, Caresha please stop acting, at this point please stop rapping / Caresha please get new writers, cause why the f*ck is your rich a** be bothered about my broke a** / This is all part of a distraction form that Diddy deal,” she raps on the new diss track.

“B*tches trying to eat off my plate like I miss the meal / B*tch trying to sweep it under the rug but I’mma let them know / When them b*tches start flopping that’s when they gon start jacking,” the fast rising rapper continued.

“Your career going out the drain… / Getting pissed on ain’t work now you gotta copy / Caresha please, I’m a real bad b*tch, you can’t f*ck with me / The d*ck you b*tches be sucking, I bite off,” DajshaDoll added.

Fans don’t however seem to be impressed with the diss track. “She sound like she beefing with the beat not Caresha,” someone commented. “This the Diss? Or a rough draft?” another person queried. “Dajsha, Walmart needs cashiers,” someone else added.

Yung Miami previously responded to the lyrics stealing allegations. “I’m from the hood, been in the hood my whole life, [and] just recently got out the hood. I look good without fillers/filters. I never heard of you or your song [before] this situation and you could’ve reached out to me or handled this differently,” she wrote in TNT comment section at the time.

“And if you inspire [people], that should inspire you to keep going and not want to fight. Be blessed and let me enjoy my release day, ugh!” Caresha added.