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Yung Miami Responds To DajshaDoll’s Claims She Stole Her Lyrics On ‘CFWM’



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Yung Miami Shuts Down “CFWM” Lyric Stealing Claims By DajshaDoll
Yung Miami Denies Stealing DajshaDoll’s Lyrics On ‘CFWM’

Earlier today, Yung Miami dropped her new single, “CFWM’. The song which features Skilla Baby marked her second solo release of 2024. Although the song is getting positive reception from fans, up and coming rapper, DajshaDoll, accused the City Girls rapper of stealing her song lyrics.

Yung Miami has now responded to the lyrics stealing allegations. Sliding into The Neighborhood Talk’s comment section, Caresha wrote:

“I’m from the hood, been in the hood my whole life, [and] just recently got out the hood. I look good without fillers/filters. I never heard of you or your song [before] this situation and you could’ve reached out to me or handled this differently.”

She continued, “And if you inspire [people], that should inspire you to keep going and not want to fight. Be blessed and let me enjoy my release day, ugh!”

The City Girls’ rapper has been getting support from fans who don’t see how a single similar line makes for stealing lyrics. “Everybody just wanna jump on the Miami hate train and it’s irritating,” someone commented.

“Gotta start writing ya own lyrics.. these ghost writers be setting folks up for failure,” another person wrote. “So she said one line that ppl have said man a times and it escalated to she store her song? y’all can’t be serious rite now,” someone else added.

Reacitng to Yung Miami’s new song, DajshaDoll wrote: “@yungmiami305 IAH A you back to yo old face before the surgery… you might as well catch the flight to the hood and come catch this fade… Career down the drain can’t come up wit yo own sht so you joc me you was better off just saying you ah DajshaDoll fan cause EVERYBODY know where that line come from … at this point round these industry sUP !! Ga you btches to inspired and im not flattered.”

The fast rising rapper also left a comment on The Neighborhood Talk’s post saying, “Lol @yungmiami305 run me my fade yo career so far down the drain you can’t come up wit noth original … RUN MY FADE.”