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Jussie Smollett Brags About Beating The Charges – Video



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Jussie Was Caught On Tape As He Brags About Dropped Charges 

Empire performing actor Jussie Smollet was gotten on camera seeming to gloat about “getting off”, after Chicago police say that he lied about being assaulted. 

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The Empire performer was accused of 16 crimes after police say he lied about being assaulted by a gathering of Trump Supporters. Jussie guaranteed the aggressors utilized supremacist and homophobic slurs amid the assault. 
In any case, Jussie figured out how to get off – after the investigator made the questionable stride of dropping charges. 
Recently, the paparazzi got up to speed with Jussie as he relaxes in Hawaii. He was seen gloating to somebody on the telephone – that he beat the charges.

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Link to the video below :

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