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Drake Sued For Stealing ‘In My Feelings’ & ‘Nice For What’ Beats



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Drake Allegedly Stole Sam Skully’s Beat For ‘In My Feelings’ & ‘Nice For What’

Drake is in the news for controversial reason, he’s been sued by an artist in the Big Easy for allegedly stealing his beat for ‘In My Feelings’ and ‘Nice For What,’
Drake isn’t the only one going to court over infrigement violation, New Orleans bounce icon Big Freedia has found herself in the musician’s crosshairs, as well.

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A man identified as Samuel Nicholas III, or Sam Skully, is accusing both stars of stealing his beat for their viral hit track “In My Feelings.” He also states that Drake double dipped and swiped another one of his songs for “Nice For What,” the track that samples Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill single “Ex-Factor” as reported by TMZ.
Skully claims “In My Feelings” takes directly from his track titled “Roll Call,” a song that he created back in 2000. The musician’s beats were allegedly featured on Skully’s CD he released that same year and, according to him, no one asked his permission or paid him to use his music. 
Drake and Freedia aren’t Skully’s only targets, as the musician has also named Republic Records, Asylum Records, and Cash Money Records in the lawsuit. 

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After our team at Dreddsworld made a research on Skully’s songs so as to compare and contrast to verify his claims, but they have yet to be made available online.

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