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Baby Lion Bites And Licks TV Presenter’s Bum During A Photoshoot – Pictures



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Baby Lion Bites TV Presenter’s Bum

Russian star Anfisa Chekhova, 40, was bitten on the bottom by the playful cub named Jack while posing with him in the Russian capital Moscow and she later shared the footage with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.
The comical clip shows a sultry Chekhova lying on her side in a black dress while the restless two-month-old lion cub climbs on top of her.

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When the lion slides off from the star’s body, an animal handler rushes to place the mischievous big cat on top of her body again.
As the photographer moves away, the lion nibbles the Russian presenter’s backside and at one point even sinks its fangs into her buttock leaving her to shriek in pain.